Imagine a world fueled by compassion.
Join me on this beautiful journey to make it happen.
— Yasmine



I'm Yasmine.

An optomist, inspirer, mother of two young children...  

...and a girl on a mission!  I want to inspire all of us to unleash the powerful compassion in our hearts, moment by moment.  

So if you are feeling overwhelmed by life and want to live more alive, connected and joyful, join me.  We CAN charter a new path and leave a compassionate world for our children.

How did I get here?  Here's my story...


It all started when...

I woke up and drove to work. Waited in line at the coffee shop a block from the internet start-up I'd been working at for the past two years since I moved to San Francisco. Ordered my first double shot cafe latte to get through the day. I'd be back for two more before the day ended.   

Glanced at my calendar overloaded with back-to-back meetings. Rushed to barely make the first one. No time to stop as hot liquid slowly dripped down my arm onto my brand new red shoes.  

6:22pm. Grabbed my laptop and arrived at an artsy warehouse space we had rented for tonight's big company launch party. Saw a sea of cocktails and trapeze artist circling above me. Mingled and smiled as people talked about finally "making it".  

Was handed a microphone and asked to give a killer speech. Praising my sales and marketing team for being "rock stars". Thanked them for helping to secure over seventy million dollars in sponsorship deals so the company could go public.  

Heard loud cheers and slaps from hands high-fiving. People saying this must be the best day of my life. Drove home. Walked my two dogs, Aspen and Frisbee. Returned to my small apartment decorated with unpacked moving boxes now turned into coffee tables.

Removed the dog leashes. Confused and exhausted, I flopped onto my couch and cried. more