I'm Yasmine.

An inspirer and a French girl at heart.

I live in San Francisco with my Australian husband David and our two young children, Finnegan and Delphine.

I have so much to be grateful for and definitely can't complain. My life is great. Beautiful family. Beautiful friends. Beautiful home. 

But for years, I had this feeling that the pace of life was moving so fast, I could barely keep up. 


I yearned to slow things down. Just enough so I could enjoy the simple pleasures again.

You know, those things that give us pure joy and naturally connect us to our core. Things like reading a book without checking emails. Cutting fresh blooms for the dining table. Looking people in the eye and having a real human connection.  

But rushing from school pick-up to folding laundry to endless emails to managing my vintage French store Maison Rêve, I couldn't figure out how to do it without feeling left behind.

Then, I remembered how my mother, who is French, used to do things like hum while she was cooking. So simple, right? But it reminded me of all the French-inspired moments she created that made her so joyful to be around. So I started doing them myself and that's when things shifted.

Friends soon started noticing my happier energy. Many asked if I was eating differently, taking a new yoga class, reading a new self-help book.


When I told them the simple things I was actually doing, one girlfriend commented, "Yasmine! These things are so incredibly simple! I'm not sure why I'm not doing them. Instead I'm rushing around like a mad woman. I don't make time for enjoying life anymore. Will you do me a favor?" she asked.  "Will you share these inspirations with me? In fact, why stop with me - I think so many of us are struggling trying to keep up with this crazy, fast pace that we're loosing sight of what really matters. Can you email me maybe one idea each week?"

That's when YMoments first bloomed.

Does any of this resonate with you? Are you longing for more time and energy to do the things that matter most to you? To walk around with a skip in your step and a swagger in your derrière?

If so, you'll love YMoments (short for Yasmine's Moments).  They're inspirations from my French upbringing that ignite your passion and compassion. And because they are simple and pleasurable (a secret to French living), you'll actually do them! 

Gone will be the urge to sign up for a zillion projects, only to feel overwhelmed. Soon, you'll feel more bold, more clear, more alive, with a deep joy and compassion growing inside.

Now, if you're left thinking this sounds great but there's no way to slow the pace of life down, I understand. I was there too. Maybe it'll help if I share my brutally honest story and how I got my life back....